Vinipedia Wine Consultancy Traning & Tasting
Kamara Film Production Company
01;24 Photography Studio
El Amaneser is a Judeo-Spanish supplement of ''Shalom'',
the Turkish Jewry's newspaper.Amaneser means ''dawn''.
Ay┼če Ozan Kindergarten
Logo for Karides Sail Contest Team. Karides means ''shrimp'' in Turkish.
MPR PR Agency (Not Used)
MPR PR Agency (Not Used)
Okuyanus Publishing House (School Project)
Ses Sanayii is a music production company. They focus on jingles for ads.
Tiyatro Yeniden is a children's theater company.
Yonelim is a consultency and research company.Yonelim means (1) turning towardsand (2) trend.
Best Volkswagen Building Excellent Team (Not Used)

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